Your Green Healthy Home will help you find quality products for your home.

About Us

Our mission is to help you find quality, useful but unusual products for your home. Most of the products we review can be purchased at this store with a 10% off coupon, just enter the coupon code Special-Offer at checkout.


We provide information and reviews of not-so-run-of-the-mill products we find. We are always on the hunt for unique, quality products that have a demonstrated ability to improve the home environment while at the same time showing a measure of sustainability, economy or energy savings. If you know of a hard-to-find quality, green or healthy product that you think would be useful for us to offer or review, please drop us an email and tell us about it.

Healthy Home Ideas

Keeping healthy levels of humidity in the home is an often overlooked ingredient of the home environment. When moist air is trapped motionless in a dark closet, it creates the perfect conditions for mold and mildew. If you live in a humid location, you have probably experienced the disaster of going on vacation and coming back to find a closet full of green mold, yuck. Dampp Chaser Closet Dehumidifying and drying rods offer an efficient, low energy solution to that problem. Another idea for dealing with moisture problems in small enclosed spaces like suitcases and drawers, is the use of silica gel moisture removers that use the water absorbing properties of silica gel to suck moisture out of the air. We have found an easily rechargeable, energy efficient, non-toxic and long lasting solution with the Eva Dry reusable silica gel dryers.

Natural healthy sleep is the foundation of a good, healthy life; all of us that have gone through periods when we couldn't sleep, know just how vital good sleep can be. It is our opinion that drugs for sleep should be avoided if at all possible; there are other more natural sleep ideas and techniques that should be tried first. Some people have found that white noise machines or nature sound machines help drown out other distracting noises or give them a pleasing sound to focus their attention toward. Have you ever found it helpful to fall asleep to the sound of a fan or been relaxed by a gentle breeze blowing through the trees? Notice how easily babies fall asleep in a car or with the motor sound of a fan running? The Marpac Dohm DS sound machine provides a fan-like sound that has helped a lot of people get better sleep. What we like about the Dohm DS is that is has been around for decades with few changes and therefore has a long and successful history of helping people sleep.

Soaprocks are made from a combination of different dense glycerin soaps with different colors and varying textures that result in soap rocks with the look of a natural rock specimen  Soaprocks are gentle for sensitive skin and contain no animal products. Not tested on animals; only tested on humans beings. Soaprocks are handmade in the U.S.A. and every one is different. Soaprocks are sure to catch people's attention when displayed on your bathroom counter and they make a really unique and special gift.

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